About Us  

The Hood Incubator is committed to ending the drug war and reversing its harmful impacts on Black communities. 




We envision a world where all Black people have the power of choice.




The Hood Incubator seeks to end the drug war and reverse its harmful impacts on Black communities nationwide. 



  1. Black centered, Black led - We prioritize and uplift Black people in all we do; at least 51% of our leadership is Black.

  2. Community Empowerment - We work to increase Black people’s economic freedom, political voice, and self determination.

  3. Community Collaboration - We define community based on the understanding that we are all better off working together and in alignment, rather than separately or at odds.

  4. Integrity - We are committed to authenticity, intentionality, and appropriate accountability in how we carry out our work.


Strategic Priorities

  1. Cannabis Economic Development (Workforce Development)

  2. Cannabis Justice Policy Reform (Policy Platform)

  3. Cannabis Justice Organizing (Coalition- and Base-building)

Co-founders Biseat, Ebele, and Lanese. Photo Credit: Eric Risberg, AP

All donations to The Hood Incubator are 100% tax deductible via our fiscal sponsor, Social Good Fund     (Tax ID # 46-1323531)

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